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This is the personal site of lady Audrey Skye

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I am a free-cyber-artist from France. I create my world with programming, drawing and 3d modeling. I'm vegan, trans-woman, and I have no job because I'm free. My interests are about modded Minecraft and modding, imaginary, alternate realities, science-fiction, ecology and human and nonhuman rights.

I love retro personal websites in the spirit of 90s and 2000s

~~ Manifesto ~~

Discover my manifesto.

Thursday, July 7th 2022:
> Publishing the introduction about the Demiurge project.
> Separated the Minetest study and the Demiurge project.
Sunday, June 26th 2022:
> Added a language warning in the main page.
> Fixed a part of the text in the manifesto.
Tuesday, June 21th 2022:
> Publishing of the beginning of the analysis of Minetest source code in the Demiurge project. Look at the >> Links << frame.
> Add a footer at the bottom of this main page of the website.
> Publishing of the beginning of the web dev tips page. You can find it in the new footer of this website.
Sunday, June 19th 2022:
> Added the >> ToDo List << frame under the >> Links << frame.
Thursday, June 16th 2022:
> Publishing of the introduction about MetaWorlds. Look at the >> Links << frame.
Tuesday, June 14th 2022:
> Creation of my manifesto.
Saturday, June 11th 2022:
> Added the inactive link to my manifesto.
Friday, June 10th 2022:
> Added the animated rainbow effect to the title of the site.
> Added a visitor counter at the left of the new >> Links << frame.
> Added the >> Links << frame and some inactive links to future content.
Thursday, June 9th 2022:
> Creation of the >> Updates << frame and begin of the history of the site inside.
> Added 88x31 button marquee under the >> About Me << and >> Updates << frames.
Wednesday, June 8th 2022:
> First decoration, introduction and photo of me in >> About Me << frame.
Monday, June 6th 2022:
> The first page of this site was created on Neocities.

Language warning: English is not my native language, and I'm not very good at it. I make the effort to express myself in this language to communicate with the world. For this I try to fill my gaps with the Internet and sometimes the help of bilingual friends. This site may contain many errors, bad turns of phrase. As soon as possible, I correct the contents here, but be patient, please.

>> Links <<
>> ToDo List <<
  • Website features:
    • Add a guestbook: so that visitors can communicate with me :)
    • Add a footer: To display the website author and a link to source code explanation.
    • Optimize the code To reduce the data to transfer.
  • Topics on the website:
    • Write the page about MetaWorlds: Complete the introduction about this project.
    • Write the page about Minetest: Add a topic about my study of Minetest's source code.
    • Write the page about Demiurge: Add a topic about my Minecraft-like game project.
    • Write the page about my Minecraft world: Add a topic about my world with screenshots.
  • Projects:
    • Minetest study: Start analyzing the source code of Minetest.
    • Demiurge: Development of the game.
    • MetaWorlds: Development of the metaverse.